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Early on the morning of Tuesday October 29, 1929, the canyons of Wall Street were filled with angry masses. Less than a week earlier, on Black Thursday, the stock market had suffered the most disastrous decline in its history creating a prevailing sense of panic. But while millions of investors lost everything they owned, Jesse Livermore was doing the exact opposite…
On that same morning, at exactly seven-twenty, Livermore stood at the massive entrance to his 29 room mansion in Sand's Point, Long Island. There were no surprises in the newspapers for Livermore. In fact, he’d been waiting for these very headlines for almost a year now…
While the markets were falling by the hour, Livermore found a way to profit from the 1929 Wall Street crash. And amass a personal fortune of $100 million.
He and his closest friends used a simple strategy to profit from the phenomenon that plunged the world into the greatest depression in financial history.
How’s all this possible? How did Livermore manage to turn one of the worst moments in economic history into massive profits?
The method he used was legal and ethical but was also completely overlooked. Until now…

The strategy used by big banks and institutional investors – now available to YOU 

It’s all about something I like to call the ‘‘Top Share’ strategy. A strategy that allows you to make huge gains off shares everyone else is begging to get off their hands.
It’s the same strategy big banks and institutional investors use to make money no matter how bad the markets are! And, it’s not only profitable during Great Depressions; you can make money from it in any market!
And now you can finally get your slice of the action.
I’m not saying you’re going to make as much as Livermore did off the ‘‘Top Share’ strategy, but consistent profits of 29.46%, 18.48% and more are completely possible in any market.
I’m going to show you how in a minute. But first, let me introduce myself…

How I stumbled on the greatest stock market secret ever! 

My name’s Timon Rossolimos. You might already know me as the editor of Trading Tips, South Africa’s most successful trading free newsletter. Not so long ago, I was just like you. I didn’t know much about the stock market but had a burning desire to profit from it. It took a lot of hard work and trial and error but over the last fourteen years, I developed a strategy that averaged a 36% yearly portfolio return!
During all those hours of perfecting my strategy, I came across something I wasn’t looking for. I learnt about Livermore and others like him who made money when the markets went DOWN. I did more research to understand exactly how the ‘Top Share’ strategy worked. And I’ve been using this strategy to make money when the markets are down ever since.

Since becoming the chief editor of Trading Tips, I’ve often wanted to tell my subscribers about excellent opportunities hidden in any market (not just market crashes like the great depression). But I couldn’t.
You see, in all the hours of research I do on a daily basis I often find great opportunities that are beyond the scope of shares. This means I can’t tell my subscribers because they’re only looking for share opportunities. Another problem was that the ‘Top Share’ strategy is very time sensitive. In fact, in some cases you need to act within the hour or risk missing out completely. So there was no way, I could tell them about it within a daily newsletter.
But now, that’s no longer the case. Today, I’m going to introduce you to a way you can start profiting from the ‘Top Share’ strategy immediately with only a cell phone and an email address.
But, first, what is the ‘Top Share’ strategy?  

The ‘Top Share’ strategy explained

The ‘‘Top Share’ strategy is all about selling shares you think are going down without owning them using a derivative like CFDs i.e. shorting a share. You see, shorting shares is like betting a fighter will lose a boxing match and making a lot of money when he does. But, this is no random betting, there’s a lot of strategy behind it.
To explain, let me show you how Livermore used shorting to make his millions.

Livermore would find someone looking to buy shares. He’d then agree to sell these shares to them at a set price (without him owning them yet).
Then, when markets fell and share prices came down Jesse would buy the shares at a cheaper price than he sold them for and deliver them to the person who agreed to buy them earlier. This allowed Jesse to profit from the market’s falling prices.

Every company shows signs of which way its share price is going to go – you just need to catch them on time! And it can be VERY profitable.
That’s the power of trading derivatives.
They’re one of the most effective ways to trade, ‘Top shares” and make quick profits from share prices that go down.
This means a whole new investing world has opened up for you. You can profit from a share’s downfall as much, if not more, as any upward movement in the price. Let me tell you about one more profit tool that’ll blow you away!

How would you like to multiply your profits by 10?

How would your life change if everything you earned was multiplied by 10? Instantly and without any action on your part.
You can imagine how quickly your money would grow!
That’s the potential of financial leverage.
It means each cent that moves in your favour is multiplied by up to ten times. This not only multiplies your profits, it also means you don’t have to invest that much in each trade.
Thanks to leverage, you don’t have to pay R9,800 to gain exposure to 100 Standard Bank shares at R98 each. You now pay only R980 but still benefit from full exposure to 100 shares.
The possibilities are endless! Firstly, you don’t need much money to get started (I recommend at least R10,000 but it’s possible to get started with as little as R500) and every single cent you make will be multiplied by up to ten times!
That means you can make a 29.46% profit off a 5% rise in a share price. Take a look at some of my recent quick gains…

A 29.46% gain from the rise of insurance

As you may or may not know, the insurance industry has been struggling for a while.
Because of the staggering high it once enjoyed, insurance companies were going down for a while. This screamed “keep away” according to conventional investing wisdom.  
But, like Livermore, all I saw was opportunity.
So on the 14 July I decided to make my move.
And banked 29.46% gain in Discovery which showed signals its downside was over!.
But that’s JUST the beginning…

How I used the ‘Top Share’ strategy to make 18.48% 
in just two weeks

On 5 July 2017 I noticed that a particular mining company’s share price was trading for lower than it was worth in comparison with the rest of the mining sector.
14 days later, I pocketed 18.48% when the share rose from R214.45 to R220.00.
It takes time; the passion to spend hours poring over complicated charts; analysing news reports and cash flow statements to see which direction a share is going. Because of this, the ‘Top’ share strategy hasn’t been accessible to the average investor. But not anymore.

Here’s how it works

Starting today, you can get all these hot profit opportunities through my highly specialised trader service, Red Hot Storm Trader
I’ll do all the fundamental and technical analysis… I’ll study the market trends… Look at news reports… Analyse business financials… And find out everything to determine the true value of a share in relation to the market. I’ll spend every single day looking at the stock market for the next quick gain.
What do you do?
Simply do what I tell you to, when I tell you to do it.
For just 10 minutes of your time, you can cash in on one of best ways to make quick money without braving your way through the hours of research needed to make wise decisions on the market!
Almost every week there’s a potential double - or even triple - digit gain ready and waiting for you to come claim it.
But I don’t only show you how to make money when the markets are going up…

  Yes! I want to profit from trading!

One more way to make money from quick market turns…

Using derivatives, I’ll also help you make fast gains from quick downward movements. Using the same strategy but in reverse.
Take a look at some of the gains my subscribers have cashed in over the last six months…

Imagine the feeling of making a 23.15% gain
in just three days!

Imagine this… A wonderful free-fall from a trade on the Anglo American mining giant...

On 6 March 2017, Anglo American was showing downside to come.

I predicted that the Anglo price was due for a downwards correction.

So, I sent out an alert to my Red Hot Storm Trader members and told them to short (sell) it at R199.06 with an expectation of a fast profit in the next few weeks.
Just three days later, on 9 March, Anglo dropped to R188.00 and we closed our positions for a neat 23.14% gain.
You too could have taken full advantage of the inevitable price drop and made a smoking 23.14% gain in just three days.

As you can see the opportunities really are endless! How would an extra 23.14% every few weeks change your life?
Maybe you’d buy that big screen TV you’ve been drooling over. Or buy your dream car – cash! Maybe you’d choose to finally get out of debt. Or maybe you’d like to take you and your family on well-deserved trip to Paris Disneyland. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.
Having said all this, I feel I need to warn you.
Trading isn’t for everyone…

Do you qualify for this opportunity?

If you don’t like risk, if you prefer the comfort of rules and rigidity of what you’ve always known – you should stop reading now. I’m not talking to that kind of person.
I’m talking to the person who expects more from life. Who expects more than just to get by and have 2 children and a dog. If you want to make the most of life and make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, Red Hot Storm Trader is for you.
If you’re at all squeamish or emotionally conflicted about whether or not you should go on – please stop here – this is NOT for you.
Still reading?
Good! Here’s how you can get started…

Turn your cell phone into a money machine!

As a Red Hot Storm Trader subscriber, you’ll get access to the most explosive trading opportunities as they happen.
Whenever I spot an upcoming opportunity, I’ll let you know immediately by sending you a short SMS and a more detailed email telling you exactly what you have to do, right away, to get in on your next big gain.
I’ll also send you an urgent SMS and email whenever it’s time to get out of a share so you can bank your profits and limit your losses. And whenever I send you an email, I’ll make sure it comes with a clear explanation, so you can judge the recommendation for yourself and make your own decision on how to act.
It couldn’t be any easier. But you have to act fast before you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime…

Only 250 spaces left!

As with all things that come with trading, time is of the essence. And the Red Hot Storm Trader subscription is no different.
I’m inviting only 250 people to join the service.
You see, in order for me to be able to answer your questions personally and manage my other responsibilities as the editor of Trading Tips, I simply can’t afford to overbook myself.  I’m committed to delivering the best tips and to do that I need to manage my time and resources properly – I’m only one man!
I think 250 new people would be a comfortable number without compromising quality, but it also means you need to act now! With returns like these, I expect the positions to fill up fast. And to make the decision even easier for you, I’m taking away the risk…

Paper trade my recommendations for 90 days without
risking your money

You can use Red Hot Storm Trader for three full months without risking a cent of your money. Paper trade my recommendations before you jump into the trading game and, if you find the excitement of trading too much for you, you can cancel your subscription and get ALL your money back. No questions asked.
I must warn you, you might kick yourself for not actually trading when you see how much money can be made! But I want you to be sure, that’s why I’m giving you this iron-clad guarantee.
You have nothing to risk and very little time to act.
So here’s what you need to do next…

Make your money back in your first trade!

How much do financial advisors charge per hour to give paltry returns of 4.5% per annum? Surprisingly, they can charge a minimum of R2,000 per hour!
Your subscription to Red Hot Storm Trader is only R925 per quarter.
That’s very little considering how much money there is to be made! If you’d gotten into just ONE of the winning trades described in this letter you’d have made you money back within days. That’s not to mention the countless other trading opportunities I’m going to send your way every single month!
Now’s your chance to get inside the winner’s circle and make the money you really want to make.
And to get you started, I’m giving you step-by-step reports to help you become a CFDs expert quickly…

Short-Term trading is easy with this FREE
step-by-step guide…

Now, if you’ve never traded derivatives, don’t worry. It’s easier than it sounds, it’s easy to pick up and you’ll soon understand the most fascinating and exhilarating elements of short-term trading.

What’s more, I’ll send you a special online guide to show you exactly how to trade futures, FREE with your risk-free subscription.

The Secrets of Successful Trading

In this fascinating online guide you’ll discover what trading and short selling involves, the best way to go about it and how to impose a stop loss so you don’t get exposed to unnecessary risk. You’ll also read about tips on short-term trading, brought to you by some of the top traders in the global markets.

Financial experts love to make derivatives trading sound complicated. It’s not. By using this guide, and examining the shorting recommendations I’ll send you during your three-month risk-free subscription, you’ll become an expert trader in no time. What’s more, you’ll be in line to capture potentially massive profits!

But that’s not all you’re getting for FREE!

FREE online webinars for subscribers!

As a special bonus for new Red Hot Storm Trader members, I host an action-packed trading online webinar every month that you can attend free of charge.
At these webinars you’ll be able to learn the little-known master strategies and tricks of the trade for winning regularly and winning BIG. I'll also cover all the market movements that have an impact on our trades and even give you an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have.

  Yes! I want to profit from trading!

Consistent 29.46% and 18.48% weekly profits are a click away 

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a no brainer!
If you’re ready to make money like you’ve never made it before - from shares that are going up AND down – it’s time to stop hesitating and take the plunge.
This time next week you could be on your way to joining the ranks of the Livermore with the ‘‘Top Share’ strategy. Consistent 29.46% and 18.48% weekly profits are a click away.
Act now!

“Wisdom yields Wealth”

Timon Rossolimos
PS. Take control of your financial destiny and bank consistent profits of 29.46%, 18.48% and more on a monthly basis! Join Red Hot Storm Trader today!

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